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Important Message from Amilyn Pierce, CEO of Onverse, Regarding Your Personal Information

September 10th 2016

Earlier this week we discovered that we were the victim of a data breach that affected our forums at http://forum.onverse.com/. Since forum accounts were automatically generated for anyone who created an Onverse game account, your personal information may have been affected even if you never visited or logged in to the forums.

Your password, email address, username, IP address, and date of birth, may have all been accessed. While the passwords were hashed with salt, no encryption or hashing mechanism is foolproof.

Since there are no payment mechanisms on the forums and the data breach did not extend to the game itself, no credit card information was stolen.

We are doing everything we can to investigate what went wrong, fix the breach, protect your personal data, and make sure that this never happens again. The forums will be returned online only when the vulnerabilities are fixed. We are notifying law enforcement and the appropriate Attorney General of the breach. Our goal is to keep Onverse a thriving game and community and to always put the players first. The last thing we want is to see is our community's data compromised.

While we work to remedy the problem on our end, here is what we recommend you do:

I sincerely apologize to anyone affected by this security breach and I am committed to carefully monitoring this situation and keeping your accounts safe. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] if you have any specific questions.


-Amilyn Pierce